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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  October 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> tia: keep your rain gear close at hand. we are in for a really wet weekend. meteorologist sam roberts is tracking showers moving through northeast ohio. sam? >> samantha: thanks so much, tia. we will start off with a live look outside with the radar. there's a lot of green on the map. i have you zoomed in to the cleveland metro area stretching into northern summit and medina counties. you can also see cleveland's east and west sides from much everyone is seeing at least some light rain right now. i'll zoom you out, show you the bigger picture, showers are a little more scattered west of elyria, not quite as much rain out that way. if you are east of cleveland, you are going to be in this for a little while longer to the west, things should start to get a little more spotty from here on out. not only is it wet outside, it is windy. winds are sustained out of the north at 20 miles an hour in cleveland and they are gusting
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time. i expect this to continue into the afternoon. scattered showers, cool temperatures, and gusty winds. you want to have that umbrella ready to go if you have plans this afternoon. we were actually out in it earlier. here's video from the east 55 street marina. look at those waves pounding the breakwall. i know, i got smacked by some of that spray as it hit the wall on purpose. i wanted to go down there and kind of check it big wind and waves out there. so, if you are walking by the lake today, well, you might get a little wet. i would recommend that you stay pretty far back from that water. >> tia: the presidential campaign trail is coming back through ohio. today, hillary clinton. tomorrow, donald trump. harry boomer joins us now with more. >> harry: i'm here at tri-c where hillary clinton is expected later on today. here you see the stage that says
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security is checking stuff out as well as national media and local media setting up to cover this event. hillary clinton has been in northeast ohio many times. don't know if she will be back before the election november 8 but she will be here this afternoon. cleveland 19 news will have it all for you. >> tia: donald trump is here tomorrow at the i.x. center. there are just 18 days to go until americans go to the polls to elect our next president. the two plenty to say about one another during a charity event in new york thursday night. mark albert has the very latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump head their separate ways today campaigning in key battleground states ahead of the november 8 election. they were together thursday night for a charity dinner that's supposed to include good-natured ribbing. >> this is the first time ever, ever, that hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not
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[laughter] >> donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a four. maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> reporter: but the roast turned icy when they took on a more personal tone. >> hillary is so corrupt -- she got kicked off [booing] the watergate commission. >> reporter: trump is facing another shake-up in his campaign staff. jim murphy, his national political director, has resigned less than three weeks before election day. sources tell cbs news the veteran republican operative made the decision after the release of the 2005 billy bush tape showing trump talking about forcing himself on women. >> we shouldn't tolerate this behavior from any man, let alone a man who wants to be the president. >> first lady michelle obama slammed trump's treatment of women while campaigning for
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>> tia: arizona hasn't voted democratic in a presidential election since 1996, but the arizona republic issued a poll showing clinton with a five-point lead in that state. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus surprised bayre elementary with a visit. it was part of a partnership with the cleveland metropolitan school district. ringling brothers donated 500 free tickets to the school district to give to students who and they can use those tickets for the greatest show on earth starting today at quicken loans arena. you can join the circus through sunday for an intergallactic venture with your entire family. taco bell is batting 1,000 with indians fans. it's going to give away free doritos locos tacso if someone steal as base.
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out november 2. the player who steals the base will be known as the taco hero. many could go up on cleveland 19 news at noon, fantasy gifts. neiman marcus has its gift guide for those with really really deep pockets. and don't complain about the rain today because this is in our future. we are getting answers about what kind of weather you can expect this winter. and, an estimated 44 million americ sports every single year. many parents will look for private coaches to improve their game and that gets really expensive. but, there's a new app that may help you out.
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>> tia: i know it's hard to believe. 64 shopping days until christmas and if you want to get something that will really impress, you should check out the neiman-marcus christmas list. laura joins us with the over-the-top list. >> laura: so many websites and companies coming out with their big christmas list as to what to suggest for christmas presents. well, neiman-marcus not to be oue neiman's christmas book of 2016. we thought we would include some of their top items on the list. here you go. coming in at, yeah, the most expensive item on the list, how about a rose gold private jet to the tune of $1.5 million. here's the kicker on this one. i hear they have already had at least one inquiry on this private jet and no, it wasn't me. maybe it was my husband. who knows?
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q.b. camp with joe montana. that will run $65,000. how about this one. the his and hers island cars. $65,000 each. last but in the least, a slumber party at the flagship neiman-marcus in downtown dallas. that's a one-night slumber party that will cost you $120,000. now there are some other things on the list. many things under $200 like lipstick, lip gloss, other items that i just couldn't help but share some of these. tia? >> tia: i think i want the plane. thanks, laura. new smart crib promises to put babies to sleep in just minutes. it's called snoo and uses white noise to recreate the womb. speakers and motors that will gently rock when the baby cries. it costs more than $1600. well, straight ahead on
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houses changing the way they handle their clowns. sam? >> samantha: it's 12:10 and i want to take you outside and show you exactly what's going on. yep. cameras look like this all day. has this been a gross day or what? it's windy, it's cool. big fat rain drops all over that camera. it's in the 50s right now and it won't look much better into the afternoon. but what about the it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems.
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>> tia: you know about it, right? the creepy clown epidemic has people scared of clowns more than ever before, forcing haunted houses to make decisions on what to keep of their terrifying attractions, the land of illusion in southwest ohio and ghostly manor thrill center in sandusky are toning back their clown features. dedicated to clowns which have pursued customers outside the house to give them a better experience. but that won't happen this year. hauntville haunted house in elyria posted a disclaimer on its website because it sends out a clown car with clowns giving out coupons and also free tickets. a cincinnati teen bully caught on camera by the bully's friend. she is seen hitting a 15-year-old boy in the head over and over. while another teen records it
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bath tub. but he never fights back because his mother taught him not to hit girls. the boy's mom says this is not the very first time she's attacked him. just the first time it was all recorded. the girl is now facing an assault charge. cleveland 19 is too strong for bullies. for more information and resources for those who may be facing bullying, please go, log on to our website. it's, and click on the link. well, you know who might be a bully this year? the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is predicting average temperatures for ohio this winter. they say we will definitely be getting more snow than last year because of la nina. oh, boy. sam says you can count on precipitation, but not necessarily all snow. we could have rain like we did this morning. she's tracking showers in the first-alert weather center. nobody wants to hear snow, sam.
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we are still focused on the fall season but i know there's somebody out there who is ready for it. unfortunately, i don't have it in the seven-day forecast. only rain. and of course rain is what we are dealing with right now. but i'll tell you, i was down by the lake earlier and this rain in conjunction with the wind, it felt like sleet. because it was smacking me in the face. it felt like needles all over my face. so, yeah, this is some stuff that's coming down pretty heavy once you get the wind involved. most of it's actually light rain. but again, when it's insult to injury. time now 12:15. and, if you can see me on tv right now, you are probably seeing at least light rain. it is lightening up back to the west. but a steadier shower falling as you travel off to the east. along i-77 southbound and then out toward geauga, ashtabula and trumbull counties, it is raining and of course still raining in cleveland. so, if you are downtown or down a little bit farther to the south, north royalton, about to
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want to take the umbrella. do notice here that west side of cleveland out toward avon lake, there are breaks in the rain. so, while we haven't seen many breaks this morning, i do think in the afternoon we will probably see more in the way of, you know, quiet time than maybe a little rain and then a break in the rain. it's not going to rain constantly. so, if you need to run to the car or something, you might be able to do that from time to time. here's what we are looking at for the rest of the afternoon. temperatures hovering right around 50 through 6:00. and then dropping i 40s by 8:00. rain is still likely at 2:00. but by 4:00, 5:00, it will probably be a little more scattered. it won't be coming down as frequently as it has. tonight as the cold air coming over the lake takes over, we will be looking at spotty lake-effect rain. not everyone will have to deal with rain overnight. again, this is going to be kind of hit or miss lake-effect stuff overnight and into tomorrow morning. let's talk a little bit more
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cool out there today, well, it's going to be cool out there tomorrow. in fact, i think some of us will be a lot cooler, maybe only making it into the upper 40s. especially if you live east of cleveland. cleveland i went 51 for a high but that, of course, means that most of the day is spent in the 40s. so tomorrow i think is a good day to sit inside and watch college football, right? right here on cbs-19. mostly cloudy skies. windy conditions and a few lake-effect rain showers possibleor especially in the morning. but it it's not going to be a wash like today. and then sunday, a total turn around. partly sunny. not quite as windy. and warmer. 64 is going to feel so good after tomorrow. you are going to love. i think you are really going to enjoy the end of the weekend. but winds pick back up on monday and the temperature kind of drops a little bit monday. back in the 50s. it will probably stay in the
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but after today's alert day with the showers off and on we have been dealing with, our next weather alert day is not until thursday. so, if you are looking to get some work done outdoors, you should be able to get that in especially starting on sunday. >> tia: let's hope doesn't carry into next weekend, though. >> samantha: oh, i know. i'll keep my fingers crossed. right now it looks like it moves out. >> tia: thank you so much, sam. >> samantha: sure. >> tia: an estimated 44 million kids between six and 18 play organized sports in the u.s. every year. for many, is a way to improve their game but costs and scheduling can make it very difficult. until now. karina mitchell reports on a new app that may make finding a coach much easier. >> reporter: basketball is a team sport that high school sophomore daryl miller knew he needed help with his shooting to make the varsity team. >> i am left handed. so, sometimes my right hand will conflict with the shot. >> reporter: darryl's mom veronica miller turned to an app
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personal coaches in more than 30 sports. everything from lacrosse and basketball to wrestling. she says using the app to find coach paul barber was easy. >> they clicked. they kept working at it and he was improving on his skills and he just wanted to continue going. >> reporter: barber trains one on one and in small groups. >> catch, turn, shoot. >> i try to focus on the one skill that they are not so good at and turn it into an automatic. >> reporter: the service has about 20,000 coaches available across the individual training sessions can be set up online or through their app. americans spend more than $6 billion a year on coaches and sports camps with much of that money going toward kids. there are a handful of other websites that connect athletes and coaches. coachop charges the athlete a one time $15 fee and takes a percentage of the coach's earnings. >> we are their back office. what we let them do is what they really want to do, which is
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insurance, the waivers. >> he said it helped him make the varsity team. >> tia: well coaches set their own prices for training. they average about $50 per session and the company plans on creating its own training facilities. well, you know the saying is, see a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck. but pick up this penny and you could have $1,000.
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businesses could be even more rewarding. because, when you shop small with your eligible american express card, you could get two times the rewards. so support the businesses that make your town a community. the people who make your community, home those insiders, with the inside knowledge, those friends with a welcome smile. and you could get twice the rewards. learn more and enroll online today at get out...
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>> tia: the wheel of fortune is at the hard rock rockcino north park today looking for a few good contestants. the president of the hard rock joins us live to talk about the casting call. thank you so much, mark, for joining us. let me ask you this. what do people need to do if they want to come down there and try out? >> well hi, tia, we are so excited, there's no bad weather just jackpots and prizes. we are very fortunate to be the host this weekend for wheel of fortune and it's open to everybody here in northeast ohio to come down this evening, starting at 6:00 p.m. or tomorrow afternoon starting at noon, and they can have a chance to be not only a contestant during our game shows here at the rockcino property, but also, it's a casting call to potentially be on the show itself later this fall. it's really exciting. everybody's welcome. it's the only time it's going to be here in northeast ohio and we
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the rockcino. >> that makes it even better. people may be watching thinking hey i want to come down there. from what you've gathered so far, what do they need to bring in order to possibly end up on the show? >> just bring themselves, bring a great personality, an outgoing, you know, chance to win of course, so just got to come down, have a lot of fun. there's going to be a lot of people down here so plan to get down here early. come and enjoy the rockcino. we have over 2,000 games on o floor. great restaurants and other things going on here. but be prepared. get here early. have a great time. spend you know the afternoon or the evening tonight here and really enjoy the property and you know have a great chance to be on the wheel of fortune show as well. >> tia: and it sounds like you are ready for all those people to come on down. i know it starts at 6:00 but you are saying get there a little bit earlier? >> yeah, i mean with the weather today of course and obviously with a large demand that we anticipate having here at the
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friday and saturday traffic here at the property, it's going to be a busy weekend so we really want people to get here a little bit early, get all the details from the wheel of fortune crew that's down here, make sure they are comfortable waiting in line for a little bit. then we will usher people in and do the two shows. one later this evening and one tomorrow afternoon. so, you know, come down and really have the opportunity to spend some time here at the hard rock rockcino enjoying our property as well and the opportunity to be on the wheel of fortune. go see the wheel mobile in our parking lot, take some have a lot of fun while you are down here. >> tia: all right. thank you so much for joining us this noon. >> thank you. >> tia: all right. and just to recap what he said, don't forget, you have to be down there 6:00 to 10:00. that's when all of this is happening today and tomorrow, noon until 4:00. well, if you don't pick up pennys on the sidewalk, you may want to think about it. allied bank is placing 100 fake pennys across the country -- get this, sam, they are worth $1,000 a piece. that's a lot of money. its goal is to encourage
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opportunities to save. the lucky pennys feature the detroit-based bank's logo instead of abraham lincoln's head. the flip side of the coin lists its value at 100,000 cents. the coins can be redeemed online until the end of the year. let us know if you find one. that's pretty cool. a staffordshire bull terrier loves music so much that he just can't stop dancing. take a look. ? believe it or not, i've actually seen this dog perform. this is digy trips. that's his name. just can't stop dancing. he likes the sound of a drum. dances, prances, twirls and bumps to the beat. he has us beat. he needs followers. known for his skate boarding skills. that's impressive. >> samantha: that is impressive so cute, too. >> tia: very cute.
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now there's a whole bunch of rain. >> samantha: let's get straight to the maps because it's a messy radar picture. if you are going to the rockcino to audition for wheel of fortune, you better put your rain dancing shoes on. i just watched jeff do an impression of what he would sound like on wheel of fortune and if the competition is that stiff, well, you are in for a treat. >> tia: stiff, key word. >> samantha: 12:27 and we do have r i think we will start to see some breaks in the afternoon but friday night football tonight if you are headed out to a game, take a towel to wipe your seat off with and take your poncho you will need it. it will be chilly, too. we drop into the low 40s overnight. but the second half of the weekend, tia, we finally warm things back up. 60s by sunday. looks really nice. >> tia: and the wheel of fortune airs right here on cleveland 19. guess what. they were here earlier this week. and they told us you can even get prizes for just going down
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have time. >> tia: yeah, have a great
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>> hilary: welcome to "gc buzz tv." i'm your host, hilary curtis. and today, an exclusive on newman enterprises and its founder and chairman, victor newman. [ knock on door ] now... >> natalie: sorry to -- >> hilary: ...some information... >> natalie: oh. it's on. >> hilary: well as its overall financial picture have been willfully misrepresented. and these explosive details are outlined in none other than -- wait for it -- newman internal memos, proving that victor newman not only deceived all of its... >> jack: grab a seat. enjoy the show. after all, you did help get it on the air. >> hilary: okay, i want you to monitor all online outlets for reactions to the story. every tweet, every comment -- i want to hear about it. understood?


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